Basic Tips You Need To Become a Fashion Designer

The fashion designing career path is enticing for those who have the artistic sense of putting artistic eye and your self-expression. If you have this heart of cutting fabrics and making use of different materials and putting them together in one whole piece like a dress, you definitely want to deal with fashion design. The five basic tips will definitely unveil the fashion designer in you.

1. Acquire your Competency. Learn the basic concepts of fashion design. Engage yourself in fashion design institutions which offer such programs. Acquire those techniques and methods of fashion designing. The actual technique behind fashion design can vary based on your own ideas. You must have these basic considerations of who you’re designing for, what it is about and their need, when it will be worn or modeled, where those designs are worn, and how to execute your designs accurately.

2. Have your Personal Design Process. In this particular area you are required to do plenty of research, prototyping, and finally, the presentation of such collection you made. Variations of such a design process must be done. It will vary based on your customer, the medium, and the functionality of the finished design.

3. Have your Portfolio. Your portfolio is a book that will direct you to the fashion industry. A newbie must include their assignments and outputs during their degree program. A strong portfolio must consist of designs showcasing your artistic range in prototyping, sketching, and sewing.

4. Decide your Niche in the Fashion Industry. Have a vision of seeing yourself in what you are really passionate to design. Choose if you wanted to be designers of haute couture, mass production or the ready to wear outfits.

5. Find your Market. The key components of finding your market understand your customers. Consider your price at all cost. Learn the basics of the fashion business.

Sketching your Personal Qualities as a Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are well known for their great mind and creative handcrafts. They have these creations that fill the colors of the fashion world.
Everything starts in sketching your ideas as future designers. Well, before you have the power to sketch designs, better start sketching your personal qualities. Let’s check out if you have such qualities to prepare you in becoming a fashion designer.

Be Creative.

Broaden your creativity. Developing your creativity is all about being not afraid to be inspired and explore on new inspirations and ideas.

Keep in trend

Change is inevitable. Definitely, fashion trends change as time passes by. Keep yourself posted on making new ideas that are marketable.
Have a good Communication skill
Developed an effective communication with your co-workers. Also, dealing with your creations needs to be said with conviction and confidence.

Be a Critical Thinker

As a designer, an understanding of logical connections must be observed. Your design process must have the unison at the end. The logical connection that makes sense for everyone.

Measurements are the basis of determining the proportionality of the design and to whom it fits. You must have accuracy.

Good fashion Sense in Material and Color of Fabric or any Medium.
Your artistic eye must have this ability. The ability to establish the unifying combinations of the basic material in fashion designing.

A Strong Fashion Business Sense.
To be a successful fashion designer, have that ability to create and market creations that will definitely help you grow in your career

These qualities will definitely make you part of the exploding industry. The fashion industry is waiting for you. Now, after sketching such qualities, you are now ready to sketch your own creations. Unify those colors and materials. Are you ready to become the designer of the next fashion icon?

The Challenges of Becoming The Next Fashion Designer of a Fashion Icon

There is a rough track of becoming a successful fashion designer. Facing challenges is a natural part of taking your fashion design career. Even the well-known fashion designers in the world undergone such common problems. Let us all know the challenges that pop out in the fashion design industry. Here are the common challenges for a fashion designer and hope that when you encounter such, you will be able to cope with it.

For an independent fashion designer, it is common to encounter career stagnation. A newbie in fashion design will certainly take larger steps in pushing his creation shine among those big brands. No worries. This is a natural part of the industry. As you grow through the years of experience, you will be able to come out of that stagnation and break free. It will definitely give you more time to gain experiences and extending your connections.

The time comes when you run out of ideas. This is a normal for fashion designers. You will encounter a lack of innovation. You may definitely throw a lot of your sketches. If you are undergoing this phase, try looking for new inspiration. Some designers do travel to expand their knowledge on different styles and keep them up with the trend.

It is important for a fashion designer to have a business sense. Commonly, most designers have those creations, but they have the difficulty of bringing them in the market. Managing business can be learned. Engage yourself in the small company first. Bridge yourself with all the business aspects that are being done in companies with a fashion line.

Never be afraid of these challenges. As a fashion designer, you are already ready for the dilemma. As long as you have a passion for what you are doing, you will take those challenges constructively. You will definitely dress a fashion icon someday.

Top Fashion Designer Women Breaking the World of Fashion

Connecting their visions to build lifestyle brands. These top women break the world of fashion. Women who brought the best out of those colors and fabrics. You will definitely love these top women who set the fashion world.

1. Jeanne Lanvin

As a pioneer head of bringing fashion to heights of elegance and modernity. She was known for pioneering the designer hats worn by famous Parisians. She was the first to launch a children fashion line in 1908. She loves traveling, and most of her creation was inspired by her travels.

2. Madeline Vionnel

She is known for her sculptural approach to fashion design. Women fell in love in the comfortable pieces. The fluidity of her creation was inspired by her belief that the dress must smile as a woman smiles.

3. Coco Chanel

Gabriel Bonheur Chanel or Coco Chanel was famous as a cabaret singer during her times. Her fashion sense springs out when she introduced wearing pants to women and expanded to making her own hats, then launch her own perfume and invented women’s suit. She learned her sewing skills during her humble beginning in an orphanage.

4. Phoebe Philo

She is a British designer. She was known as the creative director of céline. At the early age of 10, she tried unleashing her fashion designer instinct. She adopted a minimalist style of the fashion line. She received her British designer of the year award by the year 2010.

5. The Olsen

This twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen rock the contemporary world of fashion design. They were awarded as best designers by CFDA for the year 2015. In 2006 they launched their own fashion line known as “The Row.”

These fashion designers have their own different inspiring stories in reaching the fashion world. You will definitely have your own story that will outburst once you become a designer.


Lizzie McQuade is a London based designer who, through the use of textural and unexpected fabrics, designs hats, hair pieces and accessories. Working with latex, leather, hand-dyed and vintage fabrics, and utillising her skills in traditional millinery techniques, knitting and dying processes, Lizzie creates modern pieces that are sculptural and quirky, yet feminine and wearable.

After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2005 with a degree in fashion design, Lizzie began her career as Design Studio Manager for Emma Cook; a position she held for two years before persuing freelance design and styling work. Her freelance clients include PPQ, Vogue, Dazed and Confused, Cathy Edwards, Shona Heath and Libidex. It is at Libidex, cutting patterns for fetish wear, that Lizzie first learned to work with latex. She now continues to develop her unique take on latex wear in her personal and collaboration work.